Music Manager

Who is Saskia van den Heykant?

Saskia van den Heykant became Michael Antony Austin's music manager in December 2022. In addition, she's working as a lawyer since 2002 and she has a background in finance, marketing and economics.

Furthermore, she's a NLP trainer and therapeutic NLP coach. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is about communication, psychology and personal development. She's also trained in Music Management.

She uses all of her work experience, training and supplementary skills to carry out all management duties for Michael Antony Austin, and support him with all aspects of his original music.


Educations Music Manager Saskia van den Heykant:

  • Music Management course - LOI educations

  • Training for therapeutic NLP-coach - Kaber NLP educations

  • Training as internationally recognised NLP trainer - Kaber NLP educations

  • Master Dutch Law - Open University

  • Bachelor Dutch Law - Open University

  • Bachelor Management, Economics and Law - The Hague University of Applied Sciences¬†