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Review - performance Go Music Tour on October 6th, 2023:
" 'I haven't heard a voice like that in a long time', exclaimed a man in the audience. Michael Antony Austin has indeed an exceptional velvety voice, which he used during the Go Music concert on Friday evening in an occasionally moving, sometimes exciting, but often purely great way. The singer's own songs were also very well received. Accompanying his own songs on acoustic guitar. On "Valentine", Austin sounded like young John Cougar Mellencamp." Read more....

Review RockTimes music magazine - performance Go Music Tour on October 2nd, 2023:
"Michael Antony Austin, originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne, has likely assured himself a renewed participation (in the Go Music Tour) through his deeply impassioned singing. You could feel and see how he experiences the lyrics of the individual songs in different emotional states. Facial expressions and body language of course also played a role. His own rock songs were just as popular with the audience as the covers, and (accustomed to performing LIVE), he knew how to motivate the audience to sing-a-long." Read more....

Review Countryland - performance TivoliVredenburg on June 1st, 2023:
"The audience, from the Netherlands, England and Germany, were treated to a wonderful show, which of course included recent singles 'The Collier Lad's Dream' and 'Turn Around and Kiss Me'. The highlight for me was the truly beautiful 'Ghosts Of The Tyne', a ballad of over seven minutes that moved me to tears. He is only just getting started, but Michael Antony Austin has established a solid foothold on Dutch soil with this performance in TivoliVredenburg!" Read more....

Radio program Countryland

Review Orange Flag Music:
''....New Country is hip and trendy. Artists such as Luke Combs, Brad Paisley and Kane Brown are selling out large halls. Michael Antony Austin is another modern New Country artist. After listening to 'It's Not the Years..., It's the Mileage', I am completely convinced of the qualities of this artist from Newcastle upon Tyne." Read more...

Music blog Orange Flag Music

Review Real Roots Café:
"With his many performances on various stages, Austin is a more than experienced musician. He puts pieces of all those experiences into his own compositions. The accompanying letter talks about Country with a flavour of Pop, Rock and Folk. Musically, that hits the nail on the head. Austin puts a lot of love into his lyrics. With twelve songs in total, 'It's Not The Years... It's The Mileage' is an entertaining, well-made long player." Read more....

Music Blog Real Roots Café


Review Music That Needs Attention:
"The cap wearing singer/songwriter makes accessible Pop, Rock and Folk music - with a touch of Country here and there. At the beginning of 'What Happened to Us?' you can even hear some Spaghetti Western influences. I think Michael's voice comes into it's own best in the subdued, soulful 'Kathy (Come on Home)'." Read more....

Music blog Music That Needs Attention

Review Blues Magazine (about single 'Turn Around and Kiss Me'):
"Who doesn't remember the cozy Rock CDs from the nineties? This song by Michael Antony Austin would fit perfectly on such an album. A nice sensitive song with a beautiful video" Read more....

Blues Magazine


“There are two qualities (amongst many) that stand out to me about Michael's voice: (firstly his) fearless approach to the difficulties of the music, whether he is singing Queen - where the highs and lows are no barrier, or his own compositions. The second is the clarity of his voice. His careful use of vibrato adds to the emotional sense of the music and you can hear every word clearly.“

- Peter Freestone (Freddie Mercury‘s Personal Assistant)


“In a world full of auto-tuned bots... it's so good to hear a proper singer - such a rarity these days!”

- John Young (Lifesigns, Asia, Bonnie Tyler)


“I've listened to Michael's voice for countless hours over the last 15+ years, producing, recording (and) mixing dozens of songs with him. It never ceases to amaze me. He sings bone-crushing Metal, the most heartbreaking ballads and everything in between with the same passion and without losing his uniqueness. An outstanding singer, a gifted songwriter, a great person and an even greater friend.”

- Andy Brings (Rock Musician, Producer, TV Celebrity)


“It’s great to see and hear another North East (UK) talent making his mark in music. Stick the album (It’s Not The Years… It’s The Mileage”) on and let it carry you away…”

- Dave Johns (I, Daniel Blake, Award winning actor, writer and comedian)


“As two of the founding members of Prelude, Irene and I have know Michael for many years and as singers who appreciate melody and harmony we’ve always been big fans. He is one of those singers who can cross over genres effortlessly. He can rock out and then sound tender and poignant. Any group would be more than glad to have him as their main vocalist, not to mention his ability as a solo performer.”

 - Brian Hume (Singer/Songwriter & Guitarist with Prelude)

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